Final Phase (hopefully)

OK, this should be it.

Heavy Hitters Final

Phase 5

OK, we're close to completion. This is what our logo will look like on our jacket. It sounds like the bull is what we want, the only change that i'm requesting on this one is to have the anvil cracking like Juan and Vince suggested. Also, I moved the MC around, let me know if you guys agree with where the MC is.

Heavy Hitters 4

Heavy Hitters 5

Phase 4

They made the bull a little bit bigger on this one but I still think it should be bigger. I think they misunderstood me when I said we wanted the MC on each side of the bull, they literally put it on each side of the bull. Also, they forgot to turn it around facing the other way.

Heay Hitters 3


Phase 3

Check it out I need feedback, in my opinion I don't like the hammer. I like the hammer that vince drew better, also the hammer looks too big in comparison to the bull. But looks good, I could see this on the back of my jacket. The other thing I need you guys to look at is the lettering, I changed to a different font because the other one looked too dull. Alright, peace out.

Heavy Hitters 1

Heavy Hitters 2


Phase 2

Submitted on July 13th. This concept was accepted as far as the positioning of the arms. The artist will now clean it up and incorporate the anvil into the picture.

Concept Picture 1


Phase 1

Submitted on July 7th. The concept artwork was rejected due to the fact that we don't want the bull to change from hitting the anvil. We want to stay as close to the original as possible.

Concept Picture 1

Concept Picture 2